The thirteen scales on Old Turtle’s back represent the thirteen cycles of the moon in each year.  I have heard the Cherokee call our Winter, Gâlû, and the month of January, Unolvtana for Windblown.

I simply refer to our winters as another of the beautiful seasons we share with the mountains and forests that surround us.  As the leaves have fallen, it gives us a view that is shared in no other season


A cup of coffee, a quiet morning watching the early fog roll in and out and I am all set for seeing what the day has to offer.

Blood Mountain

Blood Mountain has a lot going for it. It is Georgia’s 6th highest mountain. The Appalachian Trail crosses right over the summit. There are multiple amazing views. And to bring it all together, there are multiple access points giving you hiking options from 4 to 10 miles.  Explore the views on The Byron Herbert Reece Trailhead, the shortest route (4.1 miles) with an invigorating elevation gain.

Not a fan of hiking?  Why not try a horseback ride.  There are a few stables around that offer services for the novice to the well experienced.  The trails in winter offer spectacular views of the valleys and the wildlife.  Not only can this become a family tradition but it can also be a great date for winter in our area.

How about Gold Panning, Rockhounding or Fossil Collecting?  Have a little adventure in your soul? From rubies to gold and sharks teeth, it can all be found in our surrounding areas.

So now you have spent the day enjoying the winter beauty of the area, what next?  How about a relaxing spa treatment.  Maybe a massage for those muscles you used today?  Then it is back to the room for a little resting period as you search for that perfect place for dinner. Whether it is farm to table family style, a taste of Cuba or anything in between, Blairsville Georgia is a destination for good food.

Don’t wait for spring to visit us here in the mountains.  Come on up!  By the way, if you’re looking for that getaway of your own…now is the time!  Beat the springtime rush and see what’s available right now.

As always, thank you for spending some time with us today &

                                                                                                                   Welcome to the Mountains!