This time of year we speak with many folks that have been renting up here for years, are not ready to buy a retirement or second home yet, but have been watching the prices rise.  Yes, even in our smaller communities the cost of homes has risen substantially this year due to the lack of inventory.

Up on our mountain we call those with second homes up here our part timers.  Now don’t get me wrong we adore our part timers but we are seeing them either make the leap to full timers or putting their homes on the market.  Those homes being placed on the market are being bought by full timers.  This is indicative of what is happening all over the North Georgia and North Carolina mountain region.

Prices are rising as the inventory on homes is depleting, being bought up quickly.  So back to you’re not being ready to buy that home yet.  Let’s plan for the future!  Although the home prices are rising the deals out there on property are excellent, but now is the time.  As the home inventory lessens the prices of property will begin to increase.

Some folks think of buying property and building a homes as something the “rich” people do.  Not so!  Look at it a little differently.  You can buy a lot with 3.07 Acre, outstanding panoramic views of the Beautiful Northeast Georgia Mountains and paved roads for as little as $19,500.00.  With interest rates as low as they are right now that payment may be in the 100.00 range.  This doesn’t break the bank and starts your dream house to becoming a reality. As the prices rise your investment is secure.

One of the most interesting chapters in the revolutionary war happened right here in our area, making sure that all would be safe for anyone wishing to reside within this area. In 1776, Nancy (Nan-Ye-Hi) Ward was the elected leader of the powerful Women’s Council of the Cherokee Nation. This council did not hesitate to override the authority of the chiefs when it was thought that the welfare of the tribe demanded it. So Nancy Ward, as representative of the Women’s Council and of the younger warriors of the tribe, began to develop her message. She sent warnings by the trader, Isaac Thomas, to John Sevier, leader of the early colonists of this state, that the older warriors plotted the extermination of the white settlements along the Virginia and Carolina borders.  These timely warnings gave time to prepare a defense, and the colony was saved. Numerous instances are given of Nancy Ward’s intervention to save the lives of white settlers.  Take a moment while you are here and visit the gravesite, walk the path and even take a moment to sit on the memorial bench reflecting.

As they say, History feels personal here and encompasses the entire mountain region. As you can see our little corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains covers the tips of more than one state.  From the NE Georgia Mountains to the equally majestic North Carolina Mountain ranges we have licensed and local realtors ready to help you find the right property to make that dream come true. On our porch we share the philosophy that “This isn’t a bad forever.”

Enjoy your Stay.  I hope you find that property and secure your own piece of our mountains and lakes.  As always