Autumn in the North Georgia Mountains-Mother Nature’s curb appeal.  She sure makes showing off our homes easy.  She can’t do it all though. Some simple tips for sprucing up can show a buyer, this home has been cared for.  Let’s start at the top (literally).

  • Clean your gutters. Your rain gutters not only protect your home’s landscaping and siding, gutters also prevent damage to your home’s foundation.
  • Make your windows shine. It’s pretty satisfying to see all of your hard work rewarded when the windows are clean again and it makes the rooms brighter.
  • Clean the exterior, including the decks. Pressure wash if need be and touch up that paint.
  • Last but not least, keep the leaves blown clear as much as possible.

Now that you have spent a weekend making the outside of your home ready to stand out In a sea of home pictures on the web, let’ s make the inside speak to that buyer also.  An online presence makes a difference and that means pictures.

Even the largest of rooms can appear smaller if our everyday clutter takes away from the space.  With only 800 sq. ft. and an open concept my family grew used to our utilizing every square inch that we could.  It worked well for us, it was not going to show well to others though.  A buyer needs space to be able to envision their own furniture and placement.  So, a small storage area close to the house was the answer for us.  The rocker I love in the corner but no one sits in – storage.  My one and only shelving unit, while only 4 ft long and where I put all my holiday knickknacks – storage.  Suddenly, my living area has free wall space and free floor space.  It looks larger!.

Last but not least, we had a home inspection done.  The buyer and any lender will want it anyway and I don’t like surprises.  In our case he found just a few minor things (plugs in kitchen needed to be GFI) so for less than 100.00 we were all set to present to the open market at the recommended price, by our agent.

In just 2 weeks we had our home listed.  The pictures did the property proud and the interest to our agent was high.  The home sold before fall had let go of the last leaf. All in all, there is a market for every home.  Take advantage of the autumn beauty and the visitors to our area.  Use an agency that knows our mountains and the best of luck to you.

As always, thanks for spending a little time with us today and