The Spring/Summer season is fast approaching us.  Now is the time when more people are visiting our area.  Never before have we seen the volume of people looking to purchase a home in the N. Georgia mountain region.  If you have ever considered selling your home, now is the time.  Are you ready to put your home or property on the market?

Buying has changed.  The first thing most folks do these days is get online and start checking out Zillow and the local Real Estate Agents.  Let’s think about a few things that make the difference in scrolling past you online and clicking to see the details.  First impression?  Your pictures!  So before your agent comes to take those oh so important, curb appeal photos let’s look at what can make a difference.

Step back, get that phone out and take a few photos of your own.  What do you like about the picture, what do you not like? Are there some obvious points you need to address?  Are the gutters clean and tight?  How about those shutters you have been meaning to straighten up?

Have you removed that clutter you have become so used too?  Both inside and out.  It draws the eye away from what you want people to see and it makes a space appear smaller.

Winter is almost over.  Maybe that paint job you gave the house a couple of years ago still looks great but could a pressure wash make a difference?  Would it work in your favor to show off the care you have given this home?

My deck has white railings and every year a little bit of touch up is needed.  Look at yours with the eyes of a buyer.  As a first impression is your deck going to say, that will need done this summer or will it just invite your buyer to sit and take in that beautiful view?  On that same note, just give the deck a good sweep before the pictures are taken.

I know this seems like a lot of work but reread the list.  You’re not going to need everything on the list and what you do need can possibly done in just a weekend.  Invest the time, you will not be sorry.

Retake your photos, review the before and after photos.  Last thing?  Ask your listing agent if there is anything they would like to see different.  Trust the specialist, helping you is the bread and butter of what they do daily.

Thanks for visiting and as always, Welcome to the Mountains!