Education in our mountain regions is not new.  Folks have been passing on traditions for many generations.  The mixture of highlanders, native Indians and early Europeans created by necessity a unique way of life and that has carried forward in everything from our music to crafts, farming and learning hands on.

Preserving those traditions is a life blood for us, having a way to share it, has been our blessing.  In 1996 our quiet area gave a new meaning to that sharing as the “FoxFire” books became what turned out to be the first set of books any future prepper, survivalist or naturalist would read.  I won’t go on about the books as I am sure most of you have read portions of them.  I will say, read the whole series.  The view it gives you on Appalachian America and how it survived, even into the 1970’s, is as I said…unique.

High on the list of educating on our traditions and something you can only appreciate in person, is the music.  A song that tells about a mountain journey is Love of the Mountains.  BUT I do not want you to sit in front of a screen to experience these songs.  I want you to come hear our history in person, there are so many town square, free concerts that the choice of where to go can be difficult at times.

I thought this week I would link you to some of the concert schedules and encourage you to bring a blanket if it is outdoors, like Hiawassee or come early if it is indoor seating.

BLAIRSVILLE 2019 Friday Night Concert Series


HIAWASSEE 2019 MOVIES ON THE SQUARE   (just thought I would throw that in)

CLAYTON Town Square Concert Series


MURPHY, NC Art Walk Music on the Square

  • Watch some great videos featuring unique, quirky and fun music venues along the Back Roads to the Blue Ridge Music Trails of NC. Try our recommended itineraries for other places nearby to enhance your experience.
  • More videos: Go Road Trippin’ with WLOS Channel 13 and “cruise” to 14 towns and attractions that feature the traditional music of the region.
  • Check out the regional map of the Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina.

Come have some fun and learn a bit of our history through a music unique to the folks that brought this area to life. We may have more conveniences these days but our love of sharing a lifestyle has not changed.

As always, thanks for spending a little bit of time with us today and