As I talked about previously Blairsville is central to just about anywhere in the North Georgia Mountains.  On our side of the hill, we consider going to Blairsville, “going to town.”  Usually going that way means you have a list of things to do and places to stop.  Between here and there, I have had some wonderful customer experiences.  I would like to share with you my top 6 picks as a customer.

Hiawassee feed store

When you enter Hiawassee Feed you are immediately greeted by Bill, his son or even one of the animals.  All of which are very friendly and always happy to see you.  Bill and his family are also local farmers so they know what it takes to coax your plants up and keep your animals healthy.  I have never been to this store and not been struck by the old time hardware store feeling.  Everything is done here from fixing the weed eater, picking out the garden seeds and getting the mineral block for the deer.  I highly recommend Bill’s experienced knowledge of the Hiawassee area along with the experience he and his family will afford you at the store.

Home depot windows

A beautiful lunar eclipse last night was enjoyed from the warmth of our couch.  Purchasing an older cabin and working through the ”quirks” has been fantastic.  After four very breezy winters on this mountain, we replaced all the windows and sliding glass door last summer.  I called a number of reputable firms and set appointments and then did something the wife of a contractor never does.  I took the first quote and scheduled the installation.  Not only did they offer the brand of the windows I wanted, but the price.  By the time I was talking warranty and became aware that home depot was offering lifetime on parts and labor, I was on board.  I have not looked back since.  I have had one occasion to call them back out and my original installer was here within a day of speaking with him and the small issue resolved.  A good price, a warranty you cannot beat and a product that increases the value of your home puts Home Depot on my list.

Nelson tractor

When you are depending on wood stove heating for your home, you move a lot of wood off the property.  This entails either splitting it where it falls and throwing it up the valley sides or buying an off road product that can 4 wheel you up and down with a big enough bed to make fewer trips.  Trust me when I tell you the latter is preferable and a trip to Nelson Tractor in Blairsville makes the purchase enjoyable. Our salesman Caleb, was knowledgeable and understood what type of machinery would meet our needs best.  A quick trip out to the test drive area and we had to agree that the best fit for our terrain and our needs was the John Deere Gator.  The choices of gently used on the lot were vast but we chose to order one and it was delivered to the house within a 10 day period, ready to go. Actually listening and matching the product recommended to our particular needs makes Nelson Tractor on of my best customer experiences.


I am sure this name on the list surprises everyone.  Really?  A fast food restaurant?  But hear me out and I am sure you will agree.  Coming home from Union General Hospital after a procedure, I really wanted a hamburger and a bowl of Wendy’s chili.  My husband stopped, went inside ordered everything and quickly returned to the car.  After a 15 mile drive back to Hiawassee we discover what did not get into the bag was the burger I wanted.  I called the store, explained to the person answering the phone, what had happened.  She asked if I could hold a moment, the manager came on and apologized.  After asking for my home address he explained he had reviewed the transaction.  He actually drove to my home, bringing the burger AND a frosty for later.  No doubt, they deserve 5 stars on the best customer experience list!

Hole in the Wall restaurant

You will not ask anyone in this area where to go for breakfast that they don’t say, Hole in the Wall. Not only is the food just good, the prices reasonable and the service quick but the atmosphere will take you back.  This is a meeting place for everyone, from the professionals to mommy’s day out.  Conveniently located on the square in Blairsville, it is on the way to everywhere.  So as your having your meal, and the do serve more than breakfast, you will see folks as the come and go stopping to shake hands and take a moment to say hi to neighbors and friends.  Fostering a community atmosphere while offering a good meal is why Hole in the Wall has made my list.

Bacchus Wine Shoppe, Beer & Growlers

I have to say Bacchus makes this list because the owners do everything in their power to be involved in their community and truly care about a customer’s experience.  I am never sure what wine to serve with anything other than a straight beef or fish dish.  I love to cook and learning to cook different ethnic dishes for me, is where it is at!  One of my favorite is Cajun, layers of flavor bring your taste buds to life and the wrong wine could totally destroy that experience.  Ask Ed or Linda.  Both having travelled near and far before settling here, they have the experience of the tastes and the wines.  They even do tastings at the wine shop once a month to share with you what is out there and the exciting tastes you can bring to a formal dinner or a picnic on the lake.

For those preferring the craft of a good beer, take a seat at the Growler shop and taste the seasonal flavors.  Spend a few moments with a flight and learn a little about the breweries.  As passionate as they are about the wines, Ed & Linda also want to know about the beers they are making available.  The Bacchus passion for making certain your experience does not end at their door but extends to your table, is what brought them to my list of customer service experiences.

I do hope we have given you some insight to a new place you want to visit the next time you are up here in our neck of the woods.  As always thanks for taking the time to read our thoughts and