Last year we told you about the Quiet Time in the NE Ga Mountains .  That time is now through early spring, but what do you want from your time in the mountains with us? You are welcome to use the trip planner at Explore Northeast Georgia Mountains.  I guess my biggest question is are you looking to visit often and if so, have you considered owning a home in our mountain region?

The Porchlight on Zillow gives us 3 Questions to ask before buying a cabin. My favorite area to stay was always around the Blairsville area.  As you can see in the map on Wikipedia, Blairsville is pretty much central to all of NE Georgia and close enough to North Carolina’s Blue Ridge and the Smoky Mountains to day trip to almost any experience you could want from your mountain experience.

For me, all of that added up to a Towns County cabin.  We visited the Trackrock area twice a year and although I very much enjoyed staying in the cabins there, after a few years we decided we needed a cabin of our own.  Finding a realtor was a no brainer.  I wanted someone that had been in this area long enough to know the communities, not just the names of the towns.  I did not have my heart set on a certain community, I had my heart set on a certain type of community.  Whether it was NE. Georgia or North Carolina mountains, I wanted to be able to have the same realtor.  I needed someone with local knowledge of the entire area, which is how I came to Union Realty.  As the oldest active real estate company in Blairsville and staffed with many natives from the area, they were the logical choice.

After finding a realtor, the search of the two states began in earnest.  A few days into the search it became obvious we wanted to be close to Blairsville but not within the city.  We chose the smaller town of Hiawassee.  This gave us the small town living, just 16 miles from Blairsville amenities, and close enough to Helen  to be there in just under an hour.

What about you?  Where would you chose your mountain cabin to be?  Stay tuned to our Blog as we will bring you to events, day trips, things to do and places to see as well as what is happening in the real estate world, right here in our mountain communities.

Welcome to the Mountains!