Among the many considerations when we are thinking of relocating is animal care.  We all love our animals and care up here is as exceptional as our environment is.

Dogs are a social breed and as we have begun to recognize that, dog parks are becoming available in more areas.

In Blairsville there is Meeks Park.  Daily activity and exercise is essential for a happy and healthy dog. Just like with us humans, lack of exercise can lead to poor muscle tone, obesity, heart ailments, bone disorders and even emotional problems.  The park offers a nice walking path, a full and challenging course of frisbee golf, and a wooden walking path with gazebo for shade.   The Dog Park has an off leash area that is completely fenced in, offering two pens and a state of the art doggie drinking fountain.

There is also a park in Blue Ridge, Ga Located at the Humane Society of Blue Ridge, Ga.  I have never taken mine there but the reviews indicate 2 big fenced fields for dogs to run and play. Fields are separated and designated for large and small dogs. Benches for owners to sit while dogs play. Water available for the pups.

Although not designated as a dog park, in Hiawasse many of the locals take the furry friends for a walk at the Lake Chatugue Recreational Area.  Dogs do need to remain on leash but the low impact hiking trail is perfect for a leisurely stroll through the wooded shoreline.

While having a dog park is great for socializing we may not be able to take them to another area for a daily walk.  So how about telling your agent you need a fenced in yard?

We may not walk our cats or hamsters but they still need care.  I have found veterinary care in this area to be accessible, affordable and yes there is an emergency vet available 24/7.

Low cost clinics are available for dogs and cats.  For both small and large animals there is a mobile veterinarian.  Murphy, Hiawassee and Blairsville all have multiple choices for veterinarian services.  In researching for my own pets, the only one I saw offering exotic pet care is Union County Pet Hospital.

There is an Alternative Veterinarian Service. Dr. Brennan, a 1982 graduate of Kansas State University, now practices holistic veterinary medicine in Blairsville, Georgia for cats, dogs and horses.

I am not one to recommend certain care for your animals.  Check out the many great options available for the care of your beloved pet at the links we provided.  The one piece of advice I will share with you is to check on the rattlesnake vaccine.  All the dogs on our mountain get the vaccine, since we are a very heavily wooded area backing up to a national forest.

Enjoy your home in the mountains, spend some quality time with your animals and know that caring for them here is simple.  As always, thank you for spending a few moments with us today and