Gutters, so particularly important!  It has amazed me the different choices you have available and why you choose one over the other.

Seams or no.  We have a small roofline and still the difference in cost is substantial.  In our case seamless is good.  The small footprint and our ages make it worth it.  Seamless is made to fit on site.  Seamless gutters are generally stronger than traditional gutters, so they are ideal for use with systems that often become clogged and are not immediately cleaned. … While it is not true that there is no chance of leakage, it is true that seamless gutters leak far less than traditional gutters.  Investing in seamless gutters can also increase the overall value of your home and give your roof the ventilation it needs to safeguard from rot and shingle damage.

Then the decision is what material? Vinyl sections, Steel sections, Copper or Aluminum.  WOW!  I had no idea.  Seamless gutters are continuous gutters usually made from aluminum, copper, painted steel, or zinc. These gutters usually only have joints or miters at the corners wherever they wrap around the roof which means you are not looking for someone that knows how to weld or seal seams, making the material less significant.  As you begin the process of getting quotes, ask what material they use

How wide?  We have a metal roof and the decision of 6 inch over 5 inches was based mostly on environment and waterflow.  We are in a heavily forested area that I LOVE!  In the summer months it gives us the feel of living in a treehouse.  In the fall we feel like we live in a never-ending leaf pile.  6 inch moves more water, more effectively, during heavy down pours.  Snow does not last long when we get it, but we do get it and sometimes it can be substantial.

Screens or not?  When we were younger, we would laugh at screens, now the joke is on us.  When you spend 3 months cleaning out your gutters daily, you begin to see the value.  The ladder does become something you also give a lot of thought.

Believe it or not, there are as many choices in types of gutter coverings as there are in types and materials of gutters.   The three main types of gutter guards available are screen, mesh, and reverse curve (also called “surface tension”)—and each has its own set of advantages. Most gutter guards come in three-foot to eight-foot lengths, with widths designed to cover gutters ranging from four inches to six inches wide.  There are more types available than discussed in the article linked here but it gives you the idea of what to look for.

So, what is best for your home?  Talk to your roofer, talk to a local gutter installer.  Get quotes, ask questions.  Think long term.  Are you doing this to sell your home? Talk with your Realtor about value.  Is this your forever home?   All of these thoughts will help you answer the questions.

Thank you for spending a little bit of your time with us today and as always

Welcome to the Mountains