If you are one of our valued part timers you may already have started this process.  Winterizing your home so it will be ready to enjoy in the spring is so very important.

Turn off your hot water tank at the breaker and drain it.  Shut off the main water valve to the house.  Now you know no more water is getting in. Open your taps and use an air compressor to blow out any remaining water.

Let us not forget the bathrooms!  Flush the toilets to remove as much water as possible, think about adding a bit of antifreeze to prevent any water from freezing and cracking the toilet.  Same thing can be used in tub and sink drains, a little goes a long way.

If you have central heating, set your thermostat above the freezing mark.  Don’t forget outside faucets, get those covered and insulated.  Now you’re ready to leave for the winter.  Come back in the spring and enjoy your perfect home!

So what do you do if you are here all winter?  How do you protect your home?   We certainly don’t wait to drain our pipes!

I always say October is the perfect time to be calling a chimney sweep.  If you heat with wood, as we do, you need to start the season with a clean chimney to prevent clogs or worse yet a fire later in the season.

Check your windows caulking and replace or repair it if necessary. If you have older windows consider window insulation film or storm windows to help keep the cold out and the warm in.

Replace weather stripping around the doors if necessary.  If you can see light, it needs replaced.

I know some folks that use a water heater cover in the winter.  We do not.  In our case, it is a small, finished basement and we had the water heater located near the water inlets for the laundry and the heat produced from that water heater is an extra layer of protection for that area.

Change your filters!  It is amazing how many times this small duty is forgotten but it is a cost saver and will help extend the life of your heating unit.

Something else we do not think about too often.  In the summer I have shears over my windows because the view is so spectacular I never want to miss a moment of it.  This time of year I break out the insulated drapes.  I can open them to keep seeing the fall but close them at night to keep in the heat of the day.

Insulate your electrical outlets.

And my all-time favorite…Bake bread.  The oven helps heat the house, it smells wonderful and makes for a delicious addition to your dinner.

We want to thank you for spending a few moments with us today and as always