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Choosing a new home location is never an easy decision. There are myriads of factors you need to consider before you choose what you think is best for you and your family. If you are planning to relocate to North Georgia any time soon and you are still unsure whether this destination will meet all your requirements, we can help you make a reasonable choice. We offer you a detailed list of all the upsides of settling in North Georgia you need to analyze and study closely. Hopefully, this will be a considerable help in steering your final decision in the right direction.

What do you need to know before settling in North Georgia?

Generally, as the name suggests, the term North Georgia refers to the northern part of the State of Georgia. It encompasses the North Georgia Mountains and the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. The climate here changes considerably depending on the number of feet above sea level. Summer months are most often hot and humid, sometimes with storms. In the areas 800 feet above the sea level and higher, snow falls annually and 1.5-2 inches of snow is expected every year.

A list of the most important upsides of settling in North Georgia

As you will see, the benefits of living in North Georgia are numerous and very diverse. We have picked only the most important ones to present to you.

Affordable homes

Affordable homes are a big plus for all those who live on a tight budget and are looking for a new home. The median listing prices are significantly lower than the national average, which is a great convenience. If you have been dreaming of having a nice, comfortable mountain home with a beautiful view, you can turn your dream into reality quite easily. Moreover, whenever you wish to change your home location, you can do it without any difficulties. Moving anywhere in Georgia and in no time is possible and manageable with the help and assistance of moving professionals that are available in this area.

Beautiful, breathtaking scenery

If you are a nature lover, you will love North Georgia immensely. The citizens of this part of Georgia are highly proud of the stunning landscapes you can see everywhere. People living here enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking in the mountains, spending time by the lake, or attending numerous events related to Cherokee heritage. You can always find something to suit your taste when it comes to leisure activities.

North Georgia is completely family-friendly

People looking to start a family or to find a place where they can raise their children should consider this area by all means. One of the upsides of settling in North Georgia is certainly the chance to live in an utterly family-friendly place. The cities in this area are small and mountainous with tight-knit communities, sociable and generous neighbors who are very kind and helpful to newcomers. Moreover, educational facilities are of the highest quality since the schools are among the top-rated in the country.

North Georgia is great for retirees as well

North Georgia is perfect for retirement days. Since buying mountain and lake property at reasonable prices is possible, retirees can enjoy this new stage in their lives in the fresh air, among friendly people, and without worrying about their finances on a daily basis. Instead, they can have a laid-back lifestyle, completely pressure and stress-free and with numerous opportunities to relax and enjoy.

Low crime rates

One of the critical factors that make a place appropriate to live in is safety. Hence, low crime rates in North Georgia are yet another reason why numerous people decide to call this region home. The number of property and violent crimes is much lower than in other parts of the state and that speaks volumes about the safety of citizens here.

Favorable job opportunities

What people particularly like about North Georgia is a chance to earn a substantial income by doing a job they like. Job opportunities are diverse and highly favorable, so you will not have to worry whether you will succeed in finding a job. Also, starting your own business is an option worth considering.

Numerous leisure activities

North Georgia offers a wide range of leisure activities, which is something all generations like regardless of their age. Besides organized events, the North Georgia Mountains attract lots of attention of all adventure lovers and thrill-seekers. The lakes and rivers in the mountains are convenient for boating and even tubing and water skiing. If you are a passionate fisherman, you can enjoy fishing on one of the rivers or lakes as well. For all those who prefer hiking, there are several not so demanding hikes that will lead you right to some breathtaking waterfalls. If you like challenges and a real sense of achievement, you can try to cross a long swinging bridge during one of your hiking adventures.

If you like festivals and fairs, you will like North Georgia, too. When the fall comes, there are diverse events organized almost every weekend, although we cannot say that the situation is much different for the rest of the year. The most famous events a vast number of people attend and enjoy include Ellijay’s Apple Festival, well-known Oktoberfest in Helen, and Gold Rush Days in Dahlonega. In addition, there are also numerous events suitable for the whole family to spend some quality time together.

Moving permanently or buying a rental property – you can choose what suits you best

North Georgia is perfect for anyone willing to invest in real estate. If you want to make a permanent change in your life, buying a home here is a reasonable investment. On the other hand, if you need some more time to reconsider this decision, purchasing a rental property is also a smart move to make when it comes to investments. Bearing in mind that tourism is thriving in this area, you will never experience a shortage of tenants.

So, do some calculations and decide. Each of these options has its own set of pros and cons, so give yourself time to explore all the key factors and do not rush with making decisions. Finally, whatever you decide, you will not regret. However, do not forget that it is important to realize which of these options suits you best in the current situation.

There are a few cons of settling in North Georgia you need to be aware of

While all the above-mentioned upsides prove that living in North Georgia is a real blessing, there is also a set of cons we cannot but mention as well. They are significantly less numerous, but still, their existence cannot be denied.

Humidity is severe

Humidity can be a serious problem for newcomers until they finally get used to it. In the beginning, it is very difficult to bear these hot, humid days, and this can make you a bit edgy during the initial period in this part of Georgia.

Pollen is everywhere

There is so much pollen all around Georgia so North Georgia is no exception. Pollen makes everything yellow. If will coat your cars, sidewalks, rooftops, even lakes. You will have to get used to seeing yellow all around every spring – years and years over and over again.

Lots of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love biting Georgians and newcomers alike. They are very common and they sometimes make citizens very nervous and helpless when fighting these insects is in question.

Traffic jams in some cities are a great nuisance

Nobody likes traffic jams and neither will you once you move to North Georgia. The situation will be different if you move to one of the above-mentioned charming mountain towns. However, traffic jams will cause you headaches if you move to Atlanta where the number of citizens is immense and everybody prefers driving to using public transport. Be patient, take the situation at face value, and use the means of public transportation when you find this traffic situation overwhelming.

Final words on the upsides of settling in North Georgia

All things considered, it turns out that settling in North Georgia comes with much more numerous pros than cons. What is more important, if you analyze your top priorities, requirements, and your current needs to the finest detail, the chances you will make a wrong decision are decidedly low. Young professionals, married couples willing to start a family, retirees – everybody is welcome in North Georgia and they all can enjoy their time here to the maximal level. So, if you have made the final choice to pack your belongings and hit the road towards North Georgia for good, do not worry. We guarantee you will enjoy your new home country as much as all the people who have relocated here in the past. Grab this chance and use the opportunity to live a relaxed, slow-paced, pressure-free lifestyle here together with your family.

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